SABOV, a non-profit, non-political national organization was recently founded by former NSM (National Servicemen) for the purpose of serving as a home for all the forgotten SADF soldiers, who were involved in the bush war, operational as well as in the RSA.

Although SABOV was founded for the former NSM soldiers, former permanent force members and members of the former police forces are welcome to join SABOV as members.

The war might have been unpopular in some circles and concerning certain aspects, but definitely not the soldiers. We were the elite soldiers, who through loyalty, commitment and dedication made up, without a doubt, one of the best unconventional armies in the world. So let us, the so called “boetmanne”, break the silence of the past 23 years by uniting in camaraderie, claiming the respect, recognition and appreciation that’s rightfully ours, as the winners.

The purpose of SABOV, namely to promote the needs and interests of the former soldiers, will mainly be realised by means of the following actions:

  • To serve as a platform through which the unique identity of the soldiers are recognised, appreciated and established. Our fallen heroes who paid the highest price, namely their lives will be commemorated on a yearly basis. We owe it to them.
  • To create channels of communication, allowing the Border War Veterans to share their sides of the story, regarding their lives as SADF soldiers.
  • To act as a public spokesperson on behalf of the former soldiers.
  • To create a new identity for the soldiers, and the roles they played in serving their country as part of their compulsory and lawful duty.  Unnecessary and uncalled-for discrimination will not be tolerated.  For example, the many successful cross border operations in which the NSM played a major role will be commemorated on a yearly basis.
  • To promote the emotional, mental, physical and cultural well being of the soldiers, develop their self-confidence, their unique identity, and to enrich their lives and proud heritage.
  • We kindly request all former soldiers of the former SADF to join SABOV as the association will have no right of existence without your membership. As a former soldier, SABOV belongs to you.

Constructive suggestions, ideas and comments concerning SABOV may be forwarded to us by clicking here.

Thank you in advance on behalf of the SABOV Executive Committee:

Robert de Vries (Chairperson)
Dolf van der Westhuizen (Vice Chairperson & Treasurer)
Dana Volschenk (Website Coordinator)
Joe Lamprecht (Marketing – South)
Kobus du Plessis (Marketing North)